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About me

Gabriela was born in Ouro Preto, MG, in the interior of Brazil, where she currently works in her atelier

Graduated in Biological Sciences and Master in Ecology of Tropical Biomes, Gabriela Luiza started drawing as a child, learning various styles and techniques of drawing in a self-taught way. As a teenager, she took a course in observation drawing at the Fundação de Arte de Ouro Preto, which became the technical basis for her drawings. Today, she develops authorial works on paper, using graphite, colored pencil, watercolor and gouache techniques. An observer of nature, she is inspired by the Brazilian flora, fauna and culture to create magical universes that place nature at the center of attention, exalting the importance of preserving species and respecting popular wisdom.



2014 - Drawing Course: Observation, Representation and Creation, Ouro Preto Art Foundation

2018 - Short course on Introduction to Zoological Illustration

2019 - Bachelor of Biological Sciences

2022 - Master in Ecology


Titles and awards

2018 - Illustration Contest - popular vote category, XXXII Brazilian Congress of Zoology


Some works

2018 - Logo for the XXXVI Annual Meeting of Ethology

2018 -  Illustrations for the book Animal Behavior: An Introduction to Methods and Behavioral Ecology

2019 - Illustrations for the book Amphibians of the Iron Quadrangle

2020 - Illustrations for the Herpeto Kids website

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